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Tall Ship Model

Frigate "Venus" 1783

  • Frigate from Chapman`s album
  • Brig Olympus 1816

  • Ship model reconstruction
    Swedish privateer reconstruction from Chapman`s alboom approximately 1770

  • Ship model books

    • Rigging period ship models
      Lennart Petersson(Author)
      Whether a modelmaker need to rig a whole ship or just requires informatin on one aspect, it is all here

    • China Tea Clippers
      George Frederick Campbell (Author)
      The history of the China tea clippers is examined in this book, especially their struggle in the 19th century for economic survival in the face of the steamships. It also details the advances made in design, hull construction, rigging, sail plans and deck arrangements.
    • The neophyte shipmodeller`s jackstay
      George Frederick Campbell (Author)
      This booklet is a guide to techniques of modelling from a wood kit. It is not a description of the construction of any certain model or type of vessel- For details of particular types, there are a number of excellent books which are described on the back page of this booklet, We start with the preparation of the simple hull, move on to the important members, furniture, painting, then, on to the rigging. Some statements herein which seem like pontification ifare only efforts to be brief and precise in an immense field of facts and shadings. .